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4th December 2016 
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Are you struggling with a difficult time in your life? Going through a challenging experience, a life transition, separation, divorce or relationship issues?

Coaching is a really practical way to help you to get through this time with more resilience than you may think you are capable of, and come out the other end feeling stronger and looking forward to life again.

What sort of situations can coaching help with?

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation you never thought would happen to you. Perhaps your relationship has broken down and you're now having to deal with all the complexity and heartache of a divorce or separation. Or perhaps you're suffering from stress or difficulty achieving life / work balance. You may feel exhausted, angry, frightened, confused, unhappy and unsure how to find the best way forwards.

It doesn't have to be that way

As an experienced coach helping people going through difficult life transitions such as redundancy, relationship breakdown or work-related stress, I have coached hundreds of different people over many years. While each individual of course has their own unique experience, I would identify these as the major recurring issues I work with as a coach:
    • Feeling stuck

    • Low self-esteem or lack of confidence

    • Feeling helpless and unable to control the situation

    • Not knowing how best to move forwards

    • Reluctance to be a burden on friends and family yet really needing to talk

    • Anxiety and stress

    • Fear of the future – 'I don't know how I'm going to cope'

If you are struggling with any of these or similar issues, you may be feeling out of your depth and not sure where to turn. Friends, family and colleagues, however well-meaning, offer sympathy and advice, but are often either too close to the situation or lack the specific expertise to facilitate genuine change.

Coaching conversations offer a safe, confidential and very practical opportunity to explore what is really going on for you and develop the resilience and clarity to move forward and achieve things that right now may seem impossible.

Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat to see if coaching with me would be a good fit for you. Sometimes it only takes one session to make a massive breakthrough.

Ruth Paris, Professional Certified Coach, Life Coach / Divorce transition coaching / Relationship coaching
Farnham / Guildford / Basingstoke